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HMH is an organization dedicated to helping men from all backgrounds & beliefs Heal from trauma & loss


To be the recognized, leading resource for the healing of Male Trauma & Loss in the Pacific NW

HMH helps men through evidence-based facilities and service models.

HMH includes The National Center for Male Trauma and Loss and The WALL

Helping Men heal focuses on research, education, training, advocacy, prevention, early intervention, public affairs, and policy development. HMH accomplishes these objectives through the use of partner facilities, services, and Collaborative Partner Organizations.

Helping Men Heal

…breaks the cycle and provides a foundation on which to rebuild the individual and family

Millions of men have experienced trauma and loss

 There are no local or national organizations that specifically provide help for Male Trauma & Loss.


 There are no local or national organizations that are attempting to bring together addiction treatment providers in one setting combined with trauma providers to develop a unified system of care.


 There are no local or national organizations that are solely focused on addressing both addiction and trauma recovery that is gender-specific in all of its programming and treatment approach.


 There is no programming that takes into account issues such as gender, socialization, and biological differences between men and women when dealing with these issues.

Trauma is:

Unexpected. The victim was unprepared for the event. There wasn’t anything they could do to prevent it. Intense fear, helplessness and horror often accompany trauma. It is an individual’s experience of the event…not necessarily the event itself that is traumatizing.

“Most Men Lead Lives of Quiet Desperation” –

Henry David Thoreau

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